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World travel
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EU health protection and use of Tamiflu
Agreements between Sweden and other EU states
12 byke 4,200 24.Aug.2009
By: isdsupml
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People trying to sell stuff in Helsinki
Who would pay these rip-off prices?
1 Janie 1,644 21.Aug.2009
By: byke
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Passenger reviews and opinons of Ryanair
What is the level of service like?
8 Radical1 2,632 21.Aug.2009
By: "gree…
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Swedish tourist has hair set alight in London
Unprovoked attack shows the sorry state of the UK
2 Pen&in… 1,935 19.Aug.2009
By: Mib
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Who said London is expensive?
I was just there, clothes and groceries are cheap!  * 123» 5
68 Localer 17,003 8.Aug.2009
By: Mzungu
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Tips for visiting Norway
What to see and do, where to stay
3 karlajose 2,942 2.Aug.2009
By: Timmo
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Flight reservation cancelled due to double booking
I booked twice by mistake, now I can't fly
3 djmarko 9,759 29.Jul.2009
By: Osk
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Italy bus
Where to buy tickets
1 Mesost 1,895 12.Jul.2009
By: BillyB
No New Posts 17 Jamie_plym… 7,331 12.Jul.2009
By: Thebinary1
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Financial assistance for getting home
Where to turn for help in leaving Sweden  * 12
19 davo339 9,273 7.Jul.2009
By: Greg in Ca…
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Hidden fees charged by European airlines
Anyone have a link to a comparison table?
3 krzyz21 2,593 4.Jul.2009
By: krzyz21
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Passport stamps while travelling within the EU
Is it possible to get these, e.g. as a souvenir?
6 Princess P 4,008 29.Jun.2009
By: kaze
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Cheapest travel options to North America
Getting to the US or Canada as cheap as possible
13 davo339 5,779 29.Jun.2009
By: kerostarfx
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Charges for taking golf clubs on an airplane
I paid at Arlanda, but not at Heathrow on return
8 Themasterp… 6,041 27.Jun.2009
By: BillyB
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Photos of US National Parks
Check out this great slide show
3 Roger O. T… 1,919 24.Jun.2009
By: Miss Kitte…
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from Stockholm to Paris
tickets? tips?
4 sapporozoe 2,130 21.Jun.2009
By: Mzungu
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Taking a weekend holiday in Greece
Various advice and experiences
5 Spring 2,134 18.Jun.2009
By: Spring
No New Posts 8 rosven 12,220 16.Jun.2009
By: sodafox
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Buying air ticket by direkt bankbetalning
Disadvantages of buying airticket by bank payments
3 krzyz21 3,014 15.Jun.2009
By: Kind Man
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Spare discount codes for the Silja Line
Sailing to Riga. Anyone have one to share?
10 krzyz21 12,500 14.Jun.2009
By: Puffin
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Denmark and the Danish people
Opinions on what they are like  * 123
31 Janie 33,437 11.Jun.2009
By: Eel
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Helsinki, and the Finnish people
Opinions on what they are like  * 123
34 Janie 32,673 11.Jun.2009
By: Mr-a
No New Posts 6 Localer 2,744 1.Jun.2009
By: tom.
No New Posts 4 krzyz21 2,124 26.May.2009
By: carmel
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Tourist tips for Berlin
Things for visitors to see and do
4 AriesIN 3,167 15.May.2009
By: Mzungu
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Tips for visiting Pattaya, Thailand
Websites to check, personal recommendations, etc.
7 eardoctor 5,410 14.May.2009
By: Paulo +fab…
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Ryanair are now weighing your hand luggage
Warning: Each bag must be less than 10 kg  * 123
33 bonjour 23,173 14.May.2009
By: Paulinho
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Tips for a weekend trip to Amsterdam
Tourist advice, what to see and do, etc.
4 AriesIN 2,792 9.Apr.2009
By: kaze
No New Posts 19 krzyz21 6,396 4.Apr.2009
By: Mulan
No New Posts 10 Rubbi 3,848 11.Mar.2009
By: Craptastic…
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